DDO18 – What’s the future of Digital Marketing?

Heading along to Skycity’s Convention theatre is always a great day out, but the Marketing Association’s Digital Day Out has got to be a favourite.  With near 600 people and a sell-out crowd for 5 years running you know it’s the place to stay connected with your fellow marketers and get a steer of where
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Building Blocks for a Successful Brand

Your brand is so much more than your logo.  Although your logo is the visual representation, your brand also provides the building blocks for your price strategy, customer experiences, industry position and so much more.  A successful brand is a critical foundation for your business. Having a brand that is on point for your target
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How to Avoid Talking to No One on Facebook

In today’s media landscape, a Facebook page for your business is almost inevitable.  With over 2.2 billion active monthly users, it is no longer a question of whether you should be on Facebook but how to make the most of the platform’s massive reach. Facebook constantly updates their algorithm to give users the most relevant,
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Is it a brand overhaul or a nudge?

Having done a few kiwi brand ‘revitalisation’ projects, we are often asked by our clients whether they need a brand overhaul or a nudge.  Unfortunately, ‘IT DEPENDS……’ is never an answer they want to hear. So, we have developed a quick-fire EMPOWER cheat sheet to help our clients answer this question: Has the sales growth

Your business was born an original – don’t let it die a copy CAT

Too many businesses make the mistake of trying to copy-cat what their competitors are doing.  A lot of marketing money is wasted trying to match up.  It’s not about matching competitors, it’s about defining your difference – your uniqueness through your USP (Unique Selling Point). It may take some soul searching, but if you can

Are you creating iconic brands or boring blands?

As a purveyor of the e-commerce landscape, I often come across NZ brands that are a ‘me-too’ copy cats of iconic brands (no prizes for coming second!) accompanied with an absence of attitude or spunk. So, to the architects and marketers of NZ brands, I have 3 vital questions for you to ponder so your time
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Our Top 5 Email Marketing Platforms

As a business owner, email marketing is one of the most cost effective and successful marketing tools at your disposal.  When done right, it is easy to manage and allows you to speak directly to your target market on a regular basis. With so many options available, how do you know which provider best meets

When you sack your biggest client BUT still survive…

Yes, this did happen to me a few years back, but it has taken me this long to gain the space and perspective needed to write about it! Fear, anxiety and panic are all the emotions I felt near the end of this client’s tenure. So why did we hang in there tolerating behaviour that

Does Your Website Truly Reflect Your Brand?

Often overlooked as a static billboard, business websites today can become dated quickly and forgotten about in the hype of social media development  – so how do we keep it working hard?  And more importantly, how does a great website benefit our businesses? Your website is often the very first stopping point for your customers
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How to Avoid the Spam Folder

If you regularly send commercial emails, it is highly likely that some of your messages have ended up in your recipient’s spam folders.  Not sure exactly how spam is defined in New Zealand? Make sure to catch up on our last blog post. Email server spam filters are constantly changing to ensure they are up