Rosina Webb

Rosina Webb

Founder and Brand Director
Rosina is the driving force behind Energise.  She inspires individuals, teams and businesses to grow, compete and achieve.As well as leading the Energise team, Rosina shares her expertise in the power of marketing as a:

Teacher and facilitator at the NZ Marketing Association

Mentor to young marketers and students at the University of Auckland

Contributor of regular articles to publications including the EMA magazine, BusinessPlus

Judge at the NZ Marketing awards

Speaker at conferences and industry events

Known for her candid and effervescent personality, in Rosina’s pre-Energise life, she held a variety of senior marketing roles for companies including Sky City, Westfield, Telecom, AUT and Auckland City Council. 

Who is your marketing hero?  Why?

My marketing hero is Seth Godin (of course) for his miracle mix of creativity and strategy and whose daily blogs resonate and guide me most days….