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Our talented and experienced team will support you at every stage of your brand and marketing journey.

Find out more about us. The areas we specialise in are:

Brand and Market Insights

We start every project with detailed research on your current situation.  This analysis ensures you get the right advice to achieve your goals.

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Brand Strategy

We take the hard work out of defining your brand strategy.  Let us work with you to lay the foundation for your business success.

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Design & Implementation

Know what needs doing but not sure how to do it?  We can do the heavy lifting for you.  Our team will manage every step of your marketing programme.

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Our Popular Brand Strategy Programme

Is your brand looking a little stale?

Does your brand identity need a refresh?

Is your brand not credible or relevant to new or existing customers?

Has your market been inundated with competitors and you need to carve out your niche?


If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then check out our Brand Strategy Programme. It’s the solution to all your marketing strategy and brand issues.

How we Build & Strengthen your Brand

Achieve your marketing goals with our proven process and experienced team. Have a look at our 3-step system:

Step 1: Brand and Market Insights

We conduct a series of in-depth interviews with customers, competitors, suppliers and internal teams .  Then these insights are analysed with a special focus on your brand perceptions and brand ‘health and wealth’.

Next, we benchmark you against your competitors and market needs.  This provides the springboard for our Brand Strategy work.

Find your brand gold

Step 2: Brand Strategy

Using the framework below, we go through a series of workshops that identify, develop and distill the key elements of your brand. This process is the crucial first step to reaching your business goals.

Brand Strategy

Step 3: Design and Implementation of your Brand

Next we swing into ‘action mode’ developing and implementing :


An evolution of your look and marketing communications to keep you fresh and distinctive.  Your new brand identity kit will feature:
– Logo variations
– Brand colours and usage guidelines
– Tone of voice guidelines
– Brand guardianship

Staff Engagement

We embed your values and behaviours and share your vision and ambitions with your people.

Digital marketing implementation

Our team of experts will take care of all your digital marketing needs.

Traditional Marketing (or Offline Marketing)

We also have specialists who manage the development and implementation of any non digital marketing assets you need.

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What we have Achieved for our Clients

Energise has worked with clients in a range of industries to develop and refresh their brands.  Our specialised process has achieved outstanding results for these clients:


Agvance – Energise was brought in to modernise their brand and formulate a targeted marketing plan.  We are now their Outsourced Marketing team, implementing all of their marketing activity across both digital and traditional channels. 

Neo Consulting

NEO Consulting Energise was engaged to rebrand their business. This included a new name, brand identity support and the development and implementation of a values alignment and staff engagement programme. 

You can read more case studies in the Our Work section.  

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