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How can I make my brand more credible and relevant to new and existing customers?

Why is my brand not keeping up with my industry peers?

What can I do to combat the flood of new competitors in my market?

How do a launch my new brand or product?

How can I overhaul my tired and worn out brand?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, our Brand-conic Programme can help. It’s the solution to your brand issues.

Build your iconic Kiwi brand with our proven Brand-conic system:


Brand and Market Insights


We start every project with detailed research on your current situation which is detailed in your Brand Insight Report.  This analysis ensures you get the right advice to achieve your brand goals.

Find your brand gold

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Brand Strategy


We take the hard work out of developing your brand strategy and create an action-able plan of attack.  Let us work with you to lay the foundations for your brand’s success.


The 6 Foundations of a great brand strategy

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Action & Achieve


Our smart and experienced team ensures every touch point of your brand engages customers in a positive way.

Whether it’s a new logo or a new name, reshaping your customer or UX experience, copy writing those outdated brochures, executing employer branding programmes or serious tweaks to your website & social campaigns, we have you sorted.

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What we have achieved for our clients

As B2B experts, Energise has worked with a range of clients, taking on challenges, defining what’s possible by creating the impossible and growing kiwi brands.  Our achievements speak for themselves.


Agvance – Energise was brought in to modernise their brand and formulate a targeted marketing plan.  We are now their Outsourced Marketing team, implementing all of their marketing activity across both digital and traditional channels. 

Neo Consulting

NEO Consulting Energise was engaged to rebrand their business. This included a new name, brand identity support and the development and implementation of a values alignment and staff engagement programme. 

You can read more case studies in the Our Work section.  

Want to know how Brand-conic can help build your iconic Kiwi brand?

Rosina Webb

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