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Mindset is everything, especially for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Your business will never out-perform your current thinking, so it’s time to master the mind for business success with our Mindset Masters.

Embrace growth, challenges and new knowledge with the fundamentals of Marketing, and then integrate them into your everyday business processes. Learn how, with Rosina Webb.

M+M Coaching by Energise Marketing Agency

M+M Coaching: An interactive marketing programme for small businesses + entrepreneurs

Is M+M for me? | Energise Marketing


  • Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur?
  • Are you ready to take that next step and invest in marketing to grow your business?
  • Are you often doubting your abilities to step up, scale up and grow your business?
  • Do you achieve best in a small, supportive community with a range of learning options?

The Marketing + Mindset Coaching Programme can help you. Throughout this 3-month programme – exclusive to only 8 businesses at any one time – you will be equipped with the key marketing and mindset foundations that are essential for any small business’s growth.

M+M Coaching: The Key Foundations

Across 6 sessions we will be covering:
M+M coaching looks at fundamentals with female business owners

The Fundamentals of Marketing

Communication and marketing best practices are essential to pin down and implement right from the start

The Ideal Customer identified with M+M Coaching by Energise Marketing Agency

Who is your ideal customer?

As a SME (small to medium enterprise), it’s important to have a deep understanding of this. Why? You can waste a lot of time and valuable $$$ engaging and persuading the wrong people

M+M Coaching evaluates competitors with female coaching clients | Energise Marketing

Understanding competitors and your competitive edge

For example, your competencies. ‘Keep your friends close and your enemies closer’, as the saying goes. Leveraging your strengths where there are competitor gaps is vital to your success.

Female student evaluates Vision, Values, Brand with M+M Coaching

Harnessing your vision, values and brand

Here we delve into your ‘final resting place’ – what you stand for, what you believe in, and how this can be reflected in the marketing of your business. Branding can be the profitable powerhouse of your business

Female Business Owner learns about the Marketing Funnel with M+M Coaching

Embracing the marketing funnel

This takes a potential customer through the whole purchase journey, from discovering your business, all the way to purchasing your services on a regular basis – it’s the start of ACTION!

Female Business Owner works on goals and planning with M+M Coaching by Energise Marketing Agency

Pinpointing your goals, planning + action

This module brings together everything you have learnt, and guides you through generating a 90-Day marketing action plan so you know where you are going, what you are doing and what success looks (and feels) like.

*Each topic is supported by workbooks and takeaway resources to make learning and implementation easy.

What will you know and be able to do by the end of the online course?

  • Understand the ways in which marketing is integral to any SME’s success.
  • Takeaway resources outlining the key essentials of marketing, and how they drive business growth
  • Your customised 90-Day marketing action plan that can be executed immediately.

Ongoing Coaching + Support

The M+M programme doesn’t stop here. We know interactive learning can be tricky when you’re also trying to run a small business, so we’ve created some additional coaching opportunities from our Mindset Masters to aid you through the Marketing + Mindset Programme.

Group Coaching with M+M Coaching by Energise Marketing

Group Coaching

Covering topics for both marketing + mindset

  • 1 x face-to-face session per month, lasting 1.5 hours (3 sessions in total across 3 months)

This involves:

  • Marketing: The topics that are covered in our Online Small Business Marketing Course are the foundations for our group coaching discussions. If you have any questions or sticking points during your course, this is the opportunity to ask and be supported.
  • Mindset: The topics will include resilience, imposter syndrome (so, ‘am I worth it?’ and ‘can I do it?’), and business overwhelm. We will discuss supporting tools that you can apply to be a successful business owner. This is not a talk-fest, it’s about providing actionable remedies to tackle your business challenges

Intensive 1-1 Coaching

With a choice of one of our expert coaches Rosina Webb, Joanne Webb, Sue O‘Callahan.

  • One intensive session (either face-to-face or online).

This involves:

  • Issues specific to your business growth. Whether they are in marketing, time management, getting your growth-set sorted, financial wizardry, etc.
  • We have a SHE expert to help by discussing and devising a plan that works.
Intensive Marketing Coaching with Energise Marketing Agency
24/7 Resource from M+M Coaching by Energise Marketing Agency

Unlimited 24/7 Access

Utilise Rosina as an ‘unstuck’ resource, 24/7

  • Available by phone, online or email

This involves:

  • This programme is about action, growth and success – so there is no time to be idle or stand still.
  • Rosina is here to support you throughout the 3-month duration of the M+M programme, and will be happy to help keep you moving successfully through it.

Ready to upskill your marketing and mindset mastery?


Limited to only 8 businesses so get in quick!

M+M Coaching by Energise Marketing Agency

Mindset Masters


Rosina Webb, Founder of Energise Marketing Agency

Rosina Webb

Founder and Brand Director 

Rosina over the last decade has developed and successfully grown two SME businesses – Energise a brand & digital agency and SME School. Known for her candid and effervescent personality, Rosina has held a variety of senior marketing roles for companies including Sky City, Westfield, Telecom and AUT.

Inspiring individuals, teams and businesses to grow, compete & achieve, Rosina enthusiastically shares her expertise and knowledge from many years in the industry. She mentors young marketers and students at the University of Auckland, is a contributor writer for many publications including the EMA magazine, BusinessPlus, a judge at the New Zealand  Marketing Awards and speaker at conferences & industry events.

Sue & Jo Marketing | Energise Marketing

Joanne Webb & Sue O’Callaghan

Founder of ImpACT-Mental Health

Jo and Sue are successful business owners, pod casters, authors, influencers, and parents of four children each. They are also survivors of severe trauma, abuse and loss, and they know what it takes to move forward in business; to balance life and to take chances. They believe mindset, healing and finding your truth are crucial for business growth and success.

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