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Employer Branding

Are you Struggling to Find and Keep Good Staff?

Are you having problems with team morale and productivity?


The answer to your staff issues lies in improving your Employer Brand.  Developing and maintaining  an effective Employer Brand can improve productivity, profitability and more.

Watch this video to see how our clients successfully use Employer Branding tactics to attract and keep the right talent.

What is an Employer Brand?

In the most basic terms, your Employer Brand is your company’s reputation as a place to work. 

  • It’s how you are perceived by job seekers, colleagues and industry as an employer. It can be positive, negative or anything in-between.


  • It is the place where common values of those in your company are shared.


  • It is knowing how a positive brand can drive your productivity and profitability. So, it’s essential you get this right.

Our Approach to Building Your Employer Brand


There are four phases to your Employer Brand programme.

We can help whether you need to start from the beginning or have become sidetracked part way through your journey.

Phase 1 – Brand Launch

This is the kick off stage where you share what you stand for, future aspirations and promises to your employees.  The launch includes key elements such as company vision, mission and values which we can help you develop.

Phase 2 – Education and Behaviour

How do your staff behave, make decisions and interact with customers based on your employer brand? These are just some of the things discussed in this educational stage.

We also build the foundations for consistently reinforcing your brand message to staff.

Phase 3 – Motivation and Training

This phase is all about reinforcing your employer brand and establishing employee recognition systems. The aim is to gather as many brand champions as possible.

Phase 4 – Measurement and Ownership

The final stage measures your success to date and looks at opportunities for continuous improvement.  The end result is ongoing staff empowerment, increased productivity and profitability.

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Why is an Employer Brand Programme Important for You?

Stand out in the crowded market and get the best candidates who reinforce your positive Employer Brand.

It can be hard for smaller companies to compete on salary alone.  But you can make up  for lower remuneration with lifestyle benefits based on your company values.

Good people want to work for good companies.

People want to work for cool brands that have similar values and working conditions that suit their lifestyle.  Make sure your values align with the people you want to attract.

Investment in your Employer Brand will result in increased staff retention and loyal employees who act as brand champions.

Loyal staff happily work harder for you.