Business Facilitation & Mentoring

Leadership for Marketing Teams.


Having a well functioning marketing team is crucial to a company’s success. But how many companies are totally satisfied with the performance and leadership of their marketing team?  Talk to us about our Business Facilitation and Mentoring options.

Marketing consultant and coach Rosina Webb has extensive experience working with individuals, teams and their managers to diagnose problems and deliver practical solutions, which improve the effectiveness and performance of the team.


Step one: The Problems


When a marketing team is not performing effectively or delivering in key areas this is often due to:

  • Communication issues within the team or with internal and external stakeholders
  • Poor team leadership resulting in unacceptable performance levels and team dissatisfaction
  • Individual performance concerns in terms of specific roles and achieving time bound KPIs
  • Lack of alignment between business objectives and the accountabilities of the marketing team.


Step two:  The Solutions


Energise can put together a time specific action plan to address the issues. Elements of this plan may include such things as:

  • Leadership coaching
  • Individual performance coaching and support
  • Profiling and assessments
  • Team workshops
  • Mentoring programmes
  • Training programmes
  • Exit plans

We understand that it’s not always a one size fits all approach, and so we tailor our facilitation to your requirements.

If your team is struggling, give us a call – we’re here to help.