Supporting & Empowering Women in Business

A comprehensive short course designed to help you market your services to the people most likely to convert.

Marketing YOU is a 3-module digital course designed for women in business who sell their expertise and experience everyday. Perfect for coaches, consultants, contractors and women in the professional services sector, Marketing YOU is a proven roadmap developed to assist women in marketing their service-based business.

Before we get into all the wonderful ways that this course will change the way you market yourself and your services, let’s chat about who this course is best suited for.
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If you’re:

>> A woman business owner specifically based in coaching, consultancy, contracting or the services sector where you sell your expertise and experience every day  – i.e. you sell YOU!

>> A seasoned business owner and wanting to step up from where you are now but feeling a tad frustrated as to HOW / wondering that magic marketing formula is

>> Just starting out, kick-starting your business and maybe not sure how you go about securing your first clients

>> Feeling overwhelmed and uncertain as to your next steps. Everyone (as everyone is an expert today) seems to have an opinion & solution as to how you should grow and market.

You’re in the right place, and I’m going to tell you exactly how Marketing YOU will give you the tools, inspiration, and support you need on your journey to stepping up and standing out in your chosen industry.

By the end of the Marketing YOU course,
you will have:

Session 1: Discovering YOU

>> Identified your biggest secret weapons for growth, and learnt how to leverage your biggest business advantage in your industry

>> Defined the 3 steps to discovering you; your brand purpose, beliefs, values and personality

>> Learnt how to leverage yourself to stand out from the crowd with your content, imagery, your processes and your actions

Female Business Owner works on goals and planning with M+M Coaching by Energise Marketing Agency

Session 2: Discovering Your People

>> Pinpointed your ‘niche’ – who your ideal clients or soon-to-be clients are, what makes them tick, and how to hook them in

>> Discovered your unique super skills that set you apart from others and allow you to market to your chosen prospective clients accordingly (this is sometimes referred to as your ‘USP’)

>> Mapped out the problems you solve for your ideal clients and how to deliver outcomes that best leverage your services

Session 3: Discovering Your World

>> Identified your competitors, and how you stack up against them

>> Defined your position in your chosen market and understand the power of positioning your business in a competitive marketplace

>> Developed the key messaging that represents you and your services, and resonates with your clients

Your course instructor, Rosina Webb, is a sought-after marketer and brand guru with decades of experience working in the B2B and services industries.

“We were really struggling with what needed to be done before Rosina stepped in to help us.”

“As a result of the market research and subsequent work she undertook, we not only achieved our initial goals but now have a much better understanding of how we engage with our key clients.” ~ C. Balemi

“The seeds that Rosina sowed influenced us to look outside the square, and to line up to win in a competitive market.” ~ H. Prowse

Rosina Webb | Energise Marketing

Enrol in the Marketing YOU course today

The enrolment period and cart will CLOSE on Wednesday 5th October, don’t miss your chance to enter 2023
with a proven roadmap in place for success

One-off Payment

Just $97.00+gst!

  • 3 modules delivered across 3 fortnights (6 weeks)
  • Downloadable workbook
  • Templates and guides to work through
  • Video modules available for 3 months
VIP Payment

$347.00 +GST

  • Or pay 3 instalments of $127 +gst across 3 months
  • Only 5 places available
  • Downloadable workbook
  • Templates and guide to work through
  • Video modules available for 3 months
  • 1 x live Q&A session
  • Access to the recorded Q&A session
  • A marketing audit of your current business
  • 60 minute one-on-one zoom consultation with Rosina

The Marketing YOU course commences on Thursday, October 6th 2022, with each module released fortnightly from there. The VIP live Q&A session will be held between modules two and three.


Oct 6th: Module One available

Oct 20th: Module Two available

Oct 26th: Live Q&A session at 1pm

Nov 3rd: Module Three available

When you enrol for Marketing YOU during this
limited time period, you’ll receive:

>> 3 video modules released fortnightly, designed to provide a comfortable pace of learning for busy and ambitious business women
>> A comprehensive workbook, which includes guides and templates to assist with each module’s learnings and tasks
>> A formula to figure out your competitive edge in your chosen market, and how to use it to your advantage
>> A template to build your brand values from; your purpose, your belief and your personality
>> A guide to develop and define your niche’s target audience
>> The steps to identify your unique selling points, and how to put these into action with an audience that is most likely to convert into leads
>> Guidance on how to identify your competitors, and how understand how you (honestly) stack up against them
>> A key messaging matrix that helps you to design and craft content that is most likely to resonate with your chosen audience

You’ll be given access to each module each fortnight, to allow ample time to dive into each lesson and execute the corresponding tasks and actions PRIOR to moving onto the next module.

I have done this purposely, in order to protect your time, attention and focus – while sparing you from the intense overwhelm that stops many would-be coaches, contractors, consultants and service-based business women in their tracks.

It is A LOT of content to get through, most of which would take months with an agency to implement in a variety of long workshops and meetings. Marketing YOU’s self-paced, fortnightly modules ensure that there is ample time to ACTION your lessons. At the end of the day, that is my hope – that you take the lessons and tasks from Marketing YOU and then ACTION them to make real, tangible and pragmatic differences to the way you market yourself and your services.

Limited-time bonuses to help you generate unstoppable momentum

These bonuses are available for a limited time when you sign up now for the course, and will help you to maintain the momentum of stepping up and stepping out in your chosen field.
For VIP registrations who pay $347+gst in full:

> >Register within the next 72hours, and receive a FREE plug-and play version of our digital planning template that we use with all B2B clients at marketing agency level. This template allows you to plan a year of digital activity in one go, so that you are never caught short and are able to plan a solid strategy around your brand presence and lead generation.

For registrants who pay the one off $97 +gst:

>>Register within the next 72hours, and receive a complimentary invitation to join the live Q&A session held between modules 2 and 3. This is a fantastic opportunity to be able to ask Rosina any burning questions you may have, and is otherwise only available for those at VIP level. Get in quick to qualify!

When you sell your experience or expertise as a service, you’re essentially selling YOU

Marketing YOU is the very essence of this philosophy. Your services, your expertise – it all comes back to YOU. Marketing this can be particularly tricky without the basics or foundations clearly set out. 

This course will help you to go from being overwhelmed and frustrated business owner, to feeling confident with a strong self-belief that you can do this. You will understand the fundamentals of what to do –  at last starting to experience success with the basics of marketing and what is possible.

It’s time to achieve that profitable business you so deserve!

Have some questions?

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If you have any course-related questions you’d like answered prior to signing up, please do get in touch ASAP. The course registrations are open for 7 days only prior to the next intake (not until March 2023!), so if you have any burning questions, email us via the link below and we’ll be more than happy to assist.