Supporting Auckland Businesses to Grow

Digital & Marketing Support for Building Resilient Auckland Businesses

Support & Funding for Auckland Businesses

In October 2021, the Government announced a support package for Auckland businesses affected by COVID-19 alert level restrictions.

This support includes the following for Auckland businesses, specifically;

– Business Advice: Up to $3,000 worth of advice and planning support
– Implementation Grant: Up to $4,000 to implement that advice
– Mental health and wellbeing support

For all information on this support and how to access it please go to Activate Tāmaki Makaurau, which has been created to connect existing Auckland businesses with that support.

You can also find all FAQs related to this funding here.

As an approved service provider, Energise can help to implement the planning and execution for your digital and marketing activities within this funding framework.

Get in touch with Energise if you would like help to navigate and fast-track this process for this support. Please be aware that this funding is finite, so it is important to ensure you register for this support as soon as possible for eligibility.

What sort of services are included?

Energise is an approved service provider for the Business Advice and Implementation Grants. This includes services such as planning, advising, developing your marketing strategy, and creating a digital media plan to help support and implement your business goals online.

Below is a little more information on what we can offer within this framework.

Digital Made Easy

The Energise team collectively strategises, plans and actions your digital solutions which cover:

  • Digital and Marketing objectives
  • Digital strategies and activities
  • Digital funnel activities and campaigns
  • Website optimisation (SEO)
  • Email marketing
  • Social channels, and content
  • Digital reporting and measurement

The learning outcomes ensure that business owners can:

  • Create cost-effective and successful digital marketing campaigns
  • Make better decisions about where to invest your money in digital
  • Feel more confident, with your digital foundations and plan implemented, that business growth is possible

Eligible businesses can apply for help for planning, or to implement an existing plan, or execute a plan based on the marketing/digital advice received from Energise.

Auckland businesses can apply for up to $3000 + GST for a Business Advice grant, and $4000 + GST for an Implementation Grant, both of which can be serviced through Energise