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If you’re ready to accelerate your brand and see serious digital results, you’re in the right place.

Our Accelerating Package is tailored for ambitious businesses wanting to thrive in the fast-paced online landscape. With even more content scheduling, full spectrum ad campaigns, and detailed reporting, we’ll accelerate your brand’s digital markering results.

What’s included in the Accelerating Package: 

  • Content scheduling x3 per week (includes design): Experience the power of consistent and engaging content as we connet with your audience three times a week, ensuring your brand is always front of minds.
  • Newsletter x1 per month: Keep your customers informed and excited with monthly newsletters that strengthen your connection and drive loyalty.
  • Blog x1 per month: Establish yourself as an industry authority with thoughtfully written blog posts to showcase your expertise.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation): Optimise your website to dominate search engine rankings and attract a steady stream of organic traffic.
  • Advertising trio
    • Facebook Ad campaign set up and optimisation (including ad design): Tap into the vast user base of Facebook and let our experts design attention-grabbing ad campaigns that convert.
    • Google Ad campaign set up and optimisation (including ad design): Put your brand at the top of Google search results and attract high-intent customers to your website.
    • LinkedIn Ad campaign set up and optimisation (including ad design): Connect with industry professionals and decision-makers through targeted LinkedIn ads that drive business growth.
  • Meeting and reporting: We believe in transparency and collaboration. Regular meetings and detailed reports will keep you up to date with performance results and what we’re doing to further optimise your digital marketing campaign.

The advertising trio


Tap into the world’s largest professional network and reach decision-makers in your industry with targeted LinkedIn advertising.


Leverage Facebook’s vast user base and advanced targeting options to connect with your ideal customers.

Google Ads

Rank top of search results with strategically-placed Google Ads, driving highly relevant traffic to your website.

Fire up your brand with the Accelerating Package, beginning at just $4500 per month.

Ready to accelerate your digital marketing?


    “Energise provided the clarity I needed. Now, I’m focused, deliberate, and confident in my sales and marketing efforts with a clear plan for success.”

    “As an experienced European Interior Designer, I aimed to grow my business after three years. With Rosina’s guidance, I gained clarity on my unique value and adopted a strategic marketing approach, leaving behind random efforts.”

    “Rosina’s guidance transformed my business vision and boosted my confidence.”