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We’re not here to reinvent the wheel

Our outsourced marketing services ensure you can get on with running your business, while we take care of presenting it to the world.

How we work as your marketing partner

  • We’re smart but not complicated
    Yes, we do encounter some complex problems. But our mix of intuition and pragmatic solutions allows us to get to the heart of a complication or brand. We solve issues and communicate solutions in simple, straightforward ways to you, your staff, most importantly, your clients.
  • We get stuff done
    Our Energise team of marketing professionals love nothing more than rolling up their sleeves, taking action and achieving brilliant outcomes. Smart thinking is only the beginning. To create lasting, business-changing results, we provide successful execution through strategic-led action.
  • We care about your outcomes
    Everyone says it, but we do it. Our agency is based on long-term relationships, not one-time wonders. As a result of nurturing and respectfully valuing our clients, very few leave us. We treat our clients as partners because we are all invested in the same outcome – business success.
  • We’ve got longevity on our side
    We have been here since 2009, which on its own is not testament to much. However, from very humble beginnings, we have created something that we are all proud of.We’ve traveled the curve of experience, and have had the opportunity to do some outstanding work. These factors have helped define who we are today – an experienced team of smart marketers ready to help Kiwi companies grow, compete and achieve.
  • We don’t sell you services you don’t need
    We’re here to help with all of your marketing needs. Whether you’re starting out or stepping up, Energise has the skills, pragmatism, and know-how to ensure you grow, compete and achieve. There are a lot of marketing services out there, and we appreciate that B2B businesses aren’t compatible with a one-size-fits-all model when it comes to digital activities. That’s why our marketing services and support are tailored specifically to meet the requirements of your organisation’s digital strategy and where you’re currently at on your business journey.

Learn more about our digital marketing services

Digital strategy

Your online presence needs to match your brand identity, and we’ve got the expertise to make it happen. We analyse your current situation, and then work with you to develop an actionable digital strategy to achieve your goals.

Brand experience

Brand-conic® is our unique three-step system that builds the foundation for your business success. It’s where brands are shaped, mastered and profit-ised. This is your go-to for brand and market insights, brand strategy and marketing support.

Marketing services

Our strategic-led services and support span all the marketing essentials you need to grow your business. These actionables are the foundation for business-changing results.

Who we support

Energise is a proud supporter of Breakfast Club Kids