Align your brand and business with your digital activity

When it comes to marketing your business online, your digital activity must be aligned with your brand across every platform and channel.

We help you to implement the digital marketing fundamentals for your business

Digital strategy focuses on using online channels (such as website, social, email, and directories) to improve your business traffic, engagement and performance. By providing a digital system in which your online presence works seamlessly across multiple channels, your business is provided with better visibility, brand awareness and leads.

Our digital strategy to accomplish this is framed by our digital marketing fundamentals – meaning our strategy is simplified (no complicated or frilly marketing gimmicks here!) and quickly actionable.

We work with you to manage your online activities from content, social and email through to advertising and more.

The three pillars of digital strategy

Digital Marketing Audit

After a thorough audit of all your digital marketing assets, we tell you what is currently working – and what isn’t. From this, we will formulate an effective digital strategy that leverages your existing foundations and provides solutions for any challenges.

>> Business Outcome: An analysis of where your business is positioned digitally

Planning & Digital Strategy

We make our recommendations on the best ways to firstly secure some quick wins – these are the actions that are easier to fix than others, that can help to leverage and grow your business immediately. We then work with you to take our findings and turn them into successful digital marketing strategies.

>> Business Outcome: A digital marketing strategy for online success

Digital Marketing Implementation

Once the plans are in place it’s all about action! We can support you to complete the work yourself, or use our team of digital marketing experts to manage everything for you. There may be some quick wins that you feel confident completing on your own, while leaving the more in-depth digital marketing tasks for the Energise team to complete. Our digital strategy plans are customised to suit your needs.

>> Business Outcome: A cohesive digital marketing strategy for your business

Are our Digital Strategy services right for your business?

– How do I use digital to get leads?
– What digital platforms and channels should I be utilising?
– How do I launch /grow a social media page?
– When should I be creating content, and where should I post it?
– What kind of online advertising do I need and how much should I be spending?
– How do I figure out how my digital activity compares to competitors?

If you have asked yourself any of these questions, our Digital Strategy services can help.

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