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With a wide range of skills and experience, our leading marketing team is ready to help with all your marketing needs.

Founder and director

Rosina Webb

Rosina is the driving force behind Energise. She inspires individuals, teams and businesses to grow, compete and achieve. As well as leading the Energise team, Rosina is the founder of SME School sharing her expertise in the power of marketing as a teacher as well as a facilitator for the New Zealand Marketing Association. She mentors young marketers and as part of Business Mentors NZ, ambitious business owners. She is also a contributor writer for many publications including the EMA magazine, a judge at the New Zealand Marketing Awards and speaker at conferences & industry events. Known for her candid and effervescent personality, in Rosina’s pre-Energise life, she held a variety of senior marketing roles for companies including Sky City, Westfield, Telecom, AUT and Westpac.

Who is your marketing hero? Why?

My marketing hero is Seth Godin (of course) for his miracle mix of creativity and strategy and whose daily blogs resonate and guide me most days….

Digital content specialist

Hailey Rodger

Hailey is our key point of contact for several long standing retainer clients.  She is an expert at executing tailored digital marketing strategies to strengthen their online presence in an engaging way. A restaurateur in a previous life, Hailey has over 8 years experience in digital marketing including copywriting, social media management, optimisation and brand management.

What is the one marketing tool you can’t imagine life without?

Google Analytics! It’s so important to be able to analyse what is happening on your website. If you can’t gather insights into how people are behaving on your website, how can you optimise and convert your traffic?

Digital media specialist

Ashton Hoffman

With over 10 years of digital marketing experience, Ashton is our resident authority on anything related to digital media including strategy, SEO, Google ads and social media management. Known for her great love for her furry schnauzer and running on caffeine, Ashton is a data-driven and creative professional who is an expert at boosting audience engagement and driving traffic.

What inspired you to get into marketing?

I highly believe in collaboration and marketing seemed like the best department to achieve that. I have a passion for creativity, yet I am highly analytical. I want to see businesses succeed and could envision myself as an extension of a team that creates success. So here I am 10 years later and still LOVE being in marketing!


Rachel Kerr

Rachel brings over 15 years of professional writing experience to the Energise team and a true love of weaving words into meaningful and engaging messaging. Having worked with brands of all sizes to craft clear and effective messaging, Rachel’s an expert at writing copy the audience wants to read.

Rachel has previously edited national magazines, and produced content while herding media for the southern hemisphere’s largest ag event, as well as marketing all manner of rural brands, including a couple pedigree dairy societies! These days, Rachel loves crafting the perfect copy (over the perfect
coffee) as Energise’s resident rural specialist.

What’s the most important thing when writing great copy?

Balancing clarity with creativity. Find the perfect mix and you’ll be rewarded with an engaged and loyal audience. Get it wrong and you’ve lost them for good.

Digital marketing specialist

René du Preez

René first ventured into the world of websites in 2009, along with email marketing, SEO and copywriting. This naturally led to social media and Google Ads, which became an increasingly large part of what she does. With a natural love for data analytics and learning, she is always trend-spotting. She loves working with clients to find the best opportunities and solutions that help them reach their goals. She has experience working for various companies and agencies.

Who is your marketing hero? Why?

Henry Ford. He had the vision to take something that no one had ever thought of, produce it in a way that was completely unheard of and make a success of marketing it to a market that didn’t know they needed it. Today, marketers are still trying to do that. I love this quote from him: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

Operations manager

Ashley Webb

Ashley is Energise’s driving force of admin and procedure. As Operations Manager, he ensures seamless efficiency behind the scenes, so the team can focus on what truly matters – our clients.
Having spent 20 years at the wheel as Editor of New Zealand Classic Car magazine, robust systems and processes are second nature to Ashley and he enjoys making sure Energise runs like a well-oiled machine. Outside the office, his main passion is cars, having owned  everything from Corvettes to Mustangs, to his current pride and joy, a 2011 Shelby GT500.

What’s the key to a successful process?

I believe effective communication is at the heart of every successful process. Combined with the best technology, our team can deliver successful results for our clients.