Discover how to build and grow your Kiwi brand with Brand-conic®

A brand is not a product or a promise or a feeling.
It’s the sum of all the
experiences you have with a company.

Welcome to Brand-conic®

Brand-conic® is our unique 3-step system that builds the foundation for your business success. It’s where brands are shaped, mastered and made profitable, and customised to suit the specific needs of each of our clients.

The three pillars of brand experience

Brand & Market Insights

We start every project with detailed research on your current situation, which is outlined in your Brand Insights Report. This is an analysis that audits the current state of your brand identity and market positioning, and ensures we provide the right advice to achieve your brand goals.

>> Business Outcome: Understanding opportunities for growth

Brand Strategy

We take the hard work out of developing your brand strategy and bring your brand experience to life by creating a brand action plan for your business. Let us work with you to lay the foundations for your brand’s success. From developing a brand vision through to connecting with your customers, our brand strategy has you covered.

>> Business Outcome: Brand and marketing action plan

Marketing Support

Our smart, experienced marketing team ensures every touch point of your brand engages with prospective clients in a positive way. We will help to build credibility and trust for your business and brand, reshape your customer experience, and ensure that your brand personality is consistent across all of your marketing channels – from website, social, email, traditional, and more.

>> Business Outcome: Market success!

Is Brand-conic® the right marketing service for your business?


– Why isn’t my business growing with all the marketing I am doing?

– Why is my brand not keeping up with my colleagues and competitors?

– What can I do to combat the flood of competition in my market?

– How do I launch my new brand or product?

– How can I position myself to be premium opposed to being the cheapest?

If you have asked yourself any of these questions, our Brand-conic® programme is the solution to your brand issues.

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