Your marketing. Our support.

We’re here for you either on a project basis or as your very own marketing team.  Our marketing services cover the entire process from strategy to execution – ultimately growing your business into the next iconic Kiwi brand.

What are your marketing issues?

  • Does your brand need to be more credible or relevant to customers?
  • Are you struggling to get cut through in crowded social media channels?
  • Do you want a comprehensive marketing strategy but struggle to find the time?

How can Energise help you achieve success?

Our unique programme is based on curious market insights, smart brand thinking and digital action.  We love nothing more than rolling up our sleeves, taking action and achieving brilliant outcomes.

Brand Experience

Brand Experience

Brand-conic® is our unique 3-step system that builds the foundation for your business success. It’s where brands are shaped, mastered and profit-ised.

  1. Brand and market insights
  2. Brand strategy
  3. Marketing support

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

Your online presence needs to match your brand identity and we’ve got the expertise to make it happen.

Our process is simple.
We analyse your current situation.
Then we work with you to develop an actionable plan to achieve your goals.

Marketing Services

Marketing Support

Our strategic led services and support cover all the marketing essentials you need to grow your business into the next iconic Kiwi brand.

These actionables are the foundation for business changing results for our clients.