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In today’s media landscape, a Facebook page for your business is almost inevitable.  With over 2.2 billion active monthly users, it is no longer a question of whether you should be on Facebook but how to make the most of the platform’s massive reach.

Facebook constantly updates their algorithm to give users the most relevant, engaging newsfeed experience.  The latest update, which happened earlier this year, means that friend’s and family’s posts will be prioritised in the newsfeed over updates from businesses, brands and media.

These changes have made it harder for businesses to get their content noticed – even if a fan has liked your page, there is no guarantee they automatically see your posts in their feed.  For posts to appear in user’s feed, they need likes, comments and shares to signal to Facebook that your content is interesting and relevant to those who have liked your page.  The upshot is that it’s no longer just about getting likes for your company page, the focus has shifted to building engagement and conversation with your followers.

If you’re struggling to get responses to your posts, it may feel like you’re shouting into the wind.  But fear not, there are several easy strategies you can use to build your following and ensure engagement with your Facebook fans.

Be Authentic

You might feel like you hear this all the time around social media communications but it is the number one rule when posting on Facebook and other social media platforms.  People are more media savvy than ever and increasingly able to see through the BS.  They want to be communicated with in a genuine, realistic way that expresses your unique personality.

Be Responsive

Don’t ignore comments on your posts – people want to feel noticed and appreciated.  Check throughout the day and ensure you respond as fast as possible.  Delaying your response increases the likelihood of your respondent losing interest and decreases your chances of starting a conversation.

Review Your Content

Look at your past posts and see what content has had the most response.  Make sure you include this type of content in your Facebook schedule in the future.  However, you need to balance this out – your audience will quickly tire if they see the same content from you all the time.  Ensure you post on a range of topics that are relevant to your business but wide enough to provide variation and maintain interest.

While you’re reviewing your content, have a look the images you use with your posts.  Facebook is increasingly a visual platform and original pictures that show your personality will stand out a lot more than stock images that are used on a lot of business pages.

Although some people find it daunting, video is increasingly taking over in content marketing.  If you haven’t considered it as part of your marketing strategy before, read this article to get more details on why it is becoming so important.

Keep It Short

People don’t want long articles on Facebook – don’t be tempted to turn your Facebook page into your company blog.  Research has shown the optimal length for Facebook posts is up to 50 characters long – anything more decreases engagement.  Only include essential information in your post with a link to your website for the full details.

Just Ask

If you want people to engage with your content by liking, commenting and sharing, then ask them!  Include questions and ask for people’s opinions in the comments or tell them to share your post.  Not everyone will respond but it doesn’t hurt to have the reminder right there on your post.