Is your personal brand helpful or harmful?

I’ve written a lot about how your business needs a strong brand to stand out from the competition and become a success.  However, it’s not always easy to decide what to base your brand on.  If you’re struggling to define your business’s brand, often, a good place to start is with the owner. Usually, businesses
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How to Navigate Google’s New Content Guidelines

Recently, Google released a core update that had a strong focus around what makes first-rate content.  Their algorithms are structured to reward those who are producing the best content they can.  So, to point you in the right direction, Google has released a new list of questions you can use as content guidelines to ensure
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Is it really a recruitment issue? Or is it your Employer Brand?

How often have you said with great frustration “Why is it so hard to get good staff these days?” This usually happens after ‘another’ failed recruitment drive that served up a less than average calibre of candidates.  Or perhaps some of your rock stars have left for greener pastures…whatever the reason…you’re asking the wrong question.
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Why your business needs marketing champions

What is a marketing champion?  It is someone who understands the value marketing adds to all areas of a business no matter what department they work in. Employing people who live and breathe marketing from the Managing Director through to customer service representatives can produce benefits and competitive advantages that enhance your entire business. “The

Simple Website Design Mistakes that Hurt Your Business

A well designed and fully functioning website is a must have for any business.  Whether you want to simply showcase your offering or provide a full e-commerce solution, your website should work hard for you 24/7, helping grow your business. Stanford web credibility research suggests that 75% of consumers judge a business’s credibility based on
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Is the traditional working week dead?

A five day, 40 hour working week has been the worldwide standard for hundreds of years.  But just because it’s the status quo doesn’t mean it’s the best way. More and more people are demanding a flexible work environment to help them deal with demands of a busy, modern lifestyle. So many aspects of modern

Five reasons why marketing for business growth works

Marketing is the most important initiative for a company wanting to achieve strong business growth.  Without it, you can have the best customer service and most amazing products around but no one will know about your offer or why they should choose you. A strong marketing programme requires significant investment that some business owners may
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The importance of knowing your customers

The most basic step to being successful in business is producing goods and services that your customers want and like.  The best way to achieve this is to understand what drives your customers and what needs they have that your products and services can address.  Knowing your customers is one of the most important foundation
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Are you making the most of Google My Business?

Google My Business  is a free tool that is an important first step in a local SEO strategy.  Claiming your business lets you manage how your listing appears on Google Search and Google Maps.  It also increases your chances of appearing in local searches and generally improves your organic search engine rankings. Once you’ve claimed
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Valuable lessons learnt in my digital marketing journey

I want to talk to you truthfully about digital marketing results – business owner to business owner. Without the fluff or agency bull**** We have all heard from that business owner who gets leads pouring in from their website freeing up their time from the sale process.  But; Does digital marketing work for everyone? Are
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