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When you mention the word brand, many people automatically think “logo.”

A logo is a unique design, or symbol that pictorially identifies your product or service.

Over time your imagery and name become much more than just a logo. They become a brand – the aggregate of everything a company stands for – this includes it’s personality, drivers, ‘special-ness’, values and culture.

A brand is the promise that a company will deliver to or that is experienced by it’s customer. It’s what your customer automatically thinks of when they hear or see your brand name.

Why is a brand valuable?

  • Creates value for you and your customers – for businesses it is the security of future earnings; for customers it is the promise and delivery of an experience or product.
  • It is a business asset – like all assets it needs investment for the future
  • The more convincing and credible your brand, the faster people will trust your business, the more attractive you will be to employees, customers and investors

It’s important to understand your brand. A simple brand test can help you get your head around what your customers may think of your brand.


  1. 3 things that are unique about the way you do things compared to your competition
  2. 3 values that are most important to your company
  3. 3 things your team would say they love about your business
  4. 3 things clients would say they love about your business
  5. 3 things you hate about your industry that you promise your business will never do
  6. 3 qualities that best describe the personality of your business

What is the difference between branding and marketing?

Branding and Marketing perform important, yet separate functions.

Branding is strategic. Marketing is tactical.

Ideally, they should both come into play with any effective marketing efforts.

Branding is the essential truth of a product or service. It doesn’t push. It says “This is who I am and why I exist. If you like me, buy me. If you really like me, recommend me.”

Marketing on the other hand is a pushing mechanism that says “Buy our product because it’s best or buy our product because it will fill your need or because it’s a cool product to own.”

Marketing may encourage you to purchase a product or service. Branding will determine whether or not you become a repeat customer or an advocate to others of that brand. In short, marketing encourages buyers. Branding encourages their loyalty.

NB:  This article was published in the EMA “BusinessPlus” magazine.  Enterprises of all types and sizes join the Employers and Manufacturers Association, for opportunities to learn and grow, make valuable business connections and change the world.  EMA provides its members with professional advice and training to succeed in many aspects of business.


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