Ava Wardecki Testimonial

"Great to be able to attend an event like this even though I' out of town- it saved me a 5 hour return journey :-)" - Nicki Kane

Real life stories

"Real life stories that are relatable and, from which I took plenty of notes to apply learnings into our business!" - Catherine Goodwin

Ava Wardecki Testimonial

"The pace and the information! Shared great snippets without dragging on (as so many virtual speakers do)" - Ava Wardecki

Turn up everyday and follow your heart

"I enjoyed, it gave me the words that I needed to hear. I doubt myself a lot that I can do this. I resonated a lot with Rosina .This

Energy and passion

"Your energy and passion is infectious - we love your message and love you!"

Created something truly beautiful

"We LOVED every part of your wonderful SHE get together!"

Women supporting other women

“What a positive and welcoming vibe at the event for SHE. Wonderful to see women supporting and uplifting other woman” - Helen Stephens

Truly Beautiful

"What you have created here is truly beautiful"

Easy going and friendly

"The atmosphere is easy going and very friendly" - Sumita Paul