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As a purveyor of the e-commerce landscape, I often come across NZ brands that are a ‘me-too’ copycats of iconic brands (no prizes for coming second!) accompanied with an absence of attitude or spunk.

So, to the architects and marketers of NZ brands, I have 3 vital questions for you to ponder so your time is spent on ‘differentiated creation’ rather than ‘homogenous conception’.

  1. Do you know your consumer better than your mother?

You need to be able to describe the personas/target markets that are going use your brand. What are their lifestyles, buying habits, motivations, desires and drivers? Is there enough of them to return a profit? Are they brand switches or raving loyalists? These are the fundamentals of brand creation

  1. Do you understand the problem you are solving or the lives you’re embellishing?

Without a problem or adding value to someone’s life you have no basis for your product. You can’t develop a sustainable brand and your market messaging will be difficult to craft or believe.

  1. Are you eating the same lunch as your competitor?

If your competitor has activated ‘first mover advantage’ and taken a big chunk of market share, it is often difficult to get traction with your new brand especially it doesn’t have a strong point of difference/benefit (that your target market cares about) as well as a defining personality and a swagger to boot!