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Recently, Google released a core update that had a strong focus around what makes first-rate content.  Their algorithms are structured to reward those who are producing the best content they can.  So, to point you in the right direction, Google has released a new list of questions you can use as content guidelines to ensure you achieve high search ratings.

1 – Is your content original?

The best content includes original information, reporting, research or analysis.  Even if you’re writing on a topic that has been covered countless times before, use your unique point of view and personal experiences to make it original.

2 – Have you provided a comprehensive exploration of your topic?

It’s no good covering a topic and leaving your readers with unanswered questions.  For your content to rank well, you need to provide a complete and through overview.

3 – Does your content go beyond the obvious?

Have you provided insightful analysis or information that is not immediately obvious?  As we mentioned above in point 1, make sure you use your unique point of view and personal experiences to make your content stand out to Google.

4 – Do you add value and originality when drawing on other content?

There will be times when you need to reference other sources in your content.  Avoid copying or rewriting those sources and ensure you provide extra value with added analysis and insights.

5 – Are you using a headline/title page that provides a helpful summary of the content?

Google has no time for esoteric headlines that are too clever.  A straight forward, punchy headline that gives people a clear idea of what your article is about is the way to go.

6 – Have you exaggerated or used shock tactics in your headline/title page?

We’ve all read those click bait articles which promise something amazing or scandalous but the articles don’t follow through.  To rank highly, ensure your headlines/page titles are straight forward and genuine.

7 – Would you share this page with a friend or bookmark it for future reference?

The best rated content needs to be so helpful and informative that it leaves a lasting impression.  Ideally, you want the reader to take further action, whether it’s bookmarking it to come back to or sharing or recommending to a friend.

8 – Can you see this content being reproduced or referenced in printed material?

You know you’re onto a winner if your original content gets featured in printed material such as books, magazines or newspapers.  This is the best endorsement that you’ve produced something informative and unique.

Need help with your content?

As well as asking yourself these questions, Google also recommends asking others you trust for honest feedback on your content.

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