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The key to building a brand your employees will love

This article was originally written by Rosina Webb for EMA Business Plus.

Now more than ever, wellbeing in the workplace is of utmost importance. The mindset that your employees bring into the workplace will directly affect their work, and therefore the services you provide to your clients. Ensuring the wellbeing of your employees should be top of the list and will also create a positive effect on your employer brand.

What is an employer brand?

This is not necessarily the brand you think of when you think of marketing your business and services to prospective clients. This is your internal branding – the brand that encompasses what your employees say about you and your company at a barbecue on the weekend. This is your brand that consists of your reputation as a place to work, where common values and experiences are shared, and how that is perceived in the marketplace to prospective employees.

84% of employees would consider leaving their current job if another company has a better reputation

Why is this important?

This is the brand that will drive your business’ productivity and therefore profitability. By having an excellent employer brand, you are maximising your potential to:

  • Employ the best talent
  • Remain or grow your profitability (thanks to having the best talent)
  • Have a position of strength in the marketplace against potential competitors
  • Increase your productivity and therefore ROI
63% of recruiters say talent shortage is their biggest problem

Who is doing it right?

There are many New Zealand based organisations with excellent employer branding. Some of the most well-known NZ companies understand the need to create workplaces that look after their employees, offer opportunities for growth, recognise the need for wellness and mindfulness in the workplace, and cultivate a culture of support. Air New Zealand, TVNZ and Lion Nathan are three NZ companies who consistently appear on the list for companies with excellent employer branding.

How to start building your employer brand for wellbeing in the workplace

Now that you know that employer branding is important at more than just a surface level, it’s time to implement it into your own business.

  • Seek the opinions of potential employees – these are people who are in your industry / sector but don’t work for you YET.
  • Measure your employer brand vs. competitors – start to understand your competitive strengths and weaknesses compared to other businesses in the same marketplace.
  • Develop a compelling employee brand and programme based on market feedback, your internal strengths, values and culture.

Acknowledging and rewarding your employees for their continued dedication and loyalty not only assists with morale and workplace wellbeing, but it will also help to build your brand. Your people should enjoy working for you, and a great company culture that encourages the health, wellbeing and safety of all employees is paramount to this. Employee mindset and successful businesses are interdependent on one another. The benefits of investing in workplace wellbeing should be part of every business’ roadmap.



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