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Part two of our three-part series on the digital marketing funnel brings us right into the middle, which is apt for MOFU. You may have already guessed what MOFU stands for, but just in case…

Middle Of FUnnel

The middle of the funnel section is often referred to as the consideration and discovery stage. It can often get a little complicated when it comes to exactly what type of content and strategy should be deployed here, but that doesn’t mean that MOFU is any less important than the top or bottom.

This is the part of your funnel that prospective clients or buyers have moved through to from the top, so you can assume that the MOFU is filled with people that are progressively getting more familiar with your brand. The leads here will often continue to engage with you, your brand, your content and want to learn more about your products and services.

However, MOFU leads are still not entirely ready to convert or commit.

This is important to remember. Why?

The consideration and discovery phase of the funnel is about learning and engaging. It is not a place where a direct sales pitch is likely to convert the majority of your traffic. Though it is tempting to do so, your content strategy here still needs to be targeting the benefits and positive outcomes of someone utilising your service, instead of an aggressive call to action.

The difference between MOFU and TOFU, is that whereas customers at the top of the funnel are learning about your brand for potentially the first time, customers in the middle of the funnel already have some awareness and are ready to learn more. Therefore, your MOFU content strategy should be providing more in depth, valuable content for your prospective clients to consume.

MOFU Audiences are:

  • Aware of your brand and offering
  • Still unlikely entirely ready to convert
  • Ready and willing to learn more
  • Comparing you to other brands and businesses with similar offerings

Additionally, you also know more about your MOFU. You know their pain points, what they’re searching for, and what drives them to learn more and take action. So the content you provide your MOFU with should reflect these analytics and data as well. Let your MOFU leads know what kind of solutions you offer to their problems, and why you are the best choice. And remember, this is the consideration phase – users in the MOFU are evaluating your brand and all the information you provide, to see if it represents the best solution to their problems. 

What type of content is best for MOFU?

  • Educational resources such as guides and e-books
  • Quizzes & Surveys
  • Automated email series (which provides relevant and educational content)
  • Webinars, events (both offline and online)
  • Podcasts and longer videos
  • Case Studies

Your MOFU strategy should encompass your most content-heavy approach. You want to keep providing your prospective leads with valuable content and information, which will in turn increase their engagement with your brand and develop a brand relationship. Consider this part of your marketing strategy the point where your potential consumers are preparing a pros and cons list for your product or service. You want to provide them with as much positive content as possible to prove you are the best choice.

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