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Your growth journey starts with YOU

As a business owner…

  • Do you, at times, suffer from imposter syndrome: a belief that you aren’t qualified to do what you do?
  • Are you sometimes unsure if you have the right solution for your target market?
  • Do you even have a firm grasp on who your target market is?
  • What about your competitors? Do you know how they’re worse, different, or better than your business?

That’s a deal-breaker

Yes, give me the Deal-breakers checklist for business owners!

  • A 10-minute info-share from Rosina Webb, Founder and Director at Energise Marketing
  • A downloadable checklist for you to print out and use within your business growth plan
  • Pragmatic tasks that help to define your business’s ‘why’, your target market, and your unique selling points
  • Access to further resources and a network of like-minded business owners

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