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Energise is proud to be a female driven marketing consultancy.  As you can imagine, the future of women in marketing is a hot topic in our office.   These discussions inevitably lead to diversity, equality and inclusion in business and what we can do to help.

Always one to take action, Energise Founder Rosina Webb, recently launched a new initiative, SHE.  SHE is a place for women to lift one another up.  There’s no frantic business card grabbing sessions.  Instead, SHE un-networking events  for women focus on authentic conversations and connections.

Recently, Rosina’s work caught the attention of NZ Marketing magazine Editor, David Nothling-Demmer.  Rosina was interviewed for the feature article “Marketing and the future of the female creative”.  This article was featured in the April issue of the magazine.  David spoke to 4 leading female marketers about gender in the marketing industry and what can be done to achieve equality.

“We all need to be doing more to empower women in business and marketing who face unique challenges such as raising a family.”

– Rosina Webb, April issue of NZ Marketing Magazine.

If you missed out on the April issue, we’ve secured exclusive access to the article.  Read it in full below.

Marketing and the future of the female creative