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In June 2016, Energise and Associates hosted the first seminar in their ‘Big Growth and Gain” Series in conjunction with Generate Accounting.  This informative seminar,  titled “Build Your Brand, Grow Your Customers” was aimed at businesses looking to build their brand and acquire new customers.

Industry experts Rosina Webb (Director of Energise) and Angus Ogilvie (Managing Director of Generate Accounting) covered:

  • Building a brand with heart – Defining your brand values, beliefs and personality and identifying touchpoint opportunities for your brand to connect with your customers
  • Strategies to acquire new clients – segmentation, generating interest, channels and ensuring that your product or service is targeted to your customer’s needs

Make sure you don’t miss out on the other installments in our Big Growth and Gain Series, Creating and Automatic Customer and Dabbling and Dying or Just Damn Confused.