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The recipes / books / Netflix shows you need to watch and read these summer holidays!

Summer in New Zealand is synonymous with outdoor adventures but there are always those moments where you need some down time.

So, we asked the Energise team to share their favourite feel good summer recipes!

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My favourite “GO TO” dessert recipe for summer entertaining is a recipe that was featured on Australia Masterchef is called Kladdkaka (strange name I know), but does not disappoint. Give it a whirl! Click here.

– Ashton, Digital Strategist



A great summer fresher recipe I love for the hot afternoons is a Strawberry Frosé (AKA, Frozen Rose). It’s as simple as blending together strawberries, Rosé and honey then serving it in your favourite glass with fresh strawberries!

– Holly, Social Media Specialist



I’ve been saving this baked cheesecake recipe for Christmas day – it’s rich and decadent and I can’t wait to eat it! Click here.

Justine, Content and Administration



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