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The recipes / books / Netflix shows you need to watch and read these summer holidays!

Summer in New Zealand is synonymous with outdoor adventures but there are always those moments where you need some down time.

So, we asked the Energise team to share the books they’ve been saving for the beach, or just when you need that ‘me’ time!

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I’ve been saving The Chiffon Trenches for my summer reading list.  I’m a huge fashion fan and Andre Leon Talley is a larger than life character who is sure to serve all the tea. Perfect summer reading!
Another book in my to read list is Anxious People by Fredrick Backman.  I’ve read all of his books and even though they can tackle some big themes, they are always unique, fun and a little bit quirky. Justine – Content and Administration Manager




An inspirational read for the summer time is “What To Do When It’s Your Turn” By Seth Godin. Written by my favourite Marketing Guru all about Women! The 2 things I’m most passionate about. – Rosina, Founder and Brand Director




I’m going to try and get away from screens of all kinds this holiday and have a stack of books to encourage me. I’m starting with a book called The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. It’s about a woman who finds herself in a library between life and death, which shows the different paths she could have taken in life. Jen – Digital Director


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