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GA4 – Understand the basics to understand your clients better

In the world of digital marketing, understanding how your prospective clients behave online is crucial to marketing success. Google Analytics has long been the go-to platform for gathering website information on how your audience behaves online. But its latest version, GA4, brings a fresh perspective along with some powerful features that the older model, Universal Analytics (UA), just can’t compete with.

If you have a marketing team or agency working for you, you’ve probably already heard the term GA4 floating around, and you may have even seen a few marketers huffing and puffing their way through learning the complicated systems it entails. It’s no surprise it’s going over a lot of business owners’ heads. But at Energise, we like to ensure our clients have the basics sorted. With that in mind, the team have pulled together the top 3 GA4 basics to understand, in order to understand your clients better.

1. You can snoop better than before

GA4 operates on an ‘event-based tracking model’, which basically means that it can track what your target audience are doing on your website a lot more intensively than before. This includes what files they download, videos they play, how they interact and what pages they spend the most of their time on. Previous to this, it was just tracking pages that they viewed and you had no idea what they were doing on each of those pages – imagine how this update can influence your content strategy!

Key Takeaway >> By embracing event-based tracking, you gain valuable insights into how your audience engage with a website or app.

2. You get the whole picture

You are now able to track what your target market is doing across all devices – and let’s face it we have a few! With this information you can make sure wherever your audience is, you are too. When you think of the journey to client conversion, it’s not always the same between desktop and mobile (and every device in between). This update gives you the whole picture across all devices, so you can really step up your marketing game across the board.

Key Takeaway >> This perspective enables you to analyse the complete customer journey, identify touch-points, and optimise marketing efforts accordingly.

3. It’s Google Ads’ new bestie

As tech continues to evolve and grow at an alarming rate, we often are faced with a variety of dashboards and platforms that would be much easier to understand under one umbrella. This is what GA4 has done with Google Ads. By being able to view your ads under the GA4 umbrella, you can measure the performance of your ads within the same interface.

Key Takeaway >> Consolidating marketing information across platforms helps you make informed decisions and optimise your marketing spend effectively.

The transition from Universal Analytics to GA4 brings a range of benefits for the B2B industry. By embracing event-based tracking, and unifying cross-device tracking, you gain deeper insights into audience behaviour and can make appropriate decisions that drive business growth. The streamlined integration with Google Ads will further leverage your ability to measure, optimise, and market effectively in an evolving online space.

New tech platforms, software, apps and AI continue to make digital marketing sound more and

more complicated, so if you need to chat with the Energise team on how we can help you leverage these for your business, get in touch. We can provide actionable insights that propel your B2B marketing strategies forward.