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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is another digital marketing acronym that can turn off business owners, CFO’s and senior managers alike. Sounds complicated, expensive and for the techno geeks right? It can actually be a simple and easy to understand tool that will build the profile of your business online. Because in today’s world, a strong digital  brand presence isn’t just a luxury anymore, it’s a necessity.  If you need to brush up on SEO basics, see our previous post on de-mystifying SEO here.

We’re here to advise a few top tips to help you on the right path to ensure your SEO is getting you new customers and ultimately building your business.  

Everyone Googles Everything

Ensure your business is easily visible & being seen when your prospective new clients are searching for you, in a digital sense. Whether you like it or not, it is highly likely that potential clients and customers have already searched online before engaging with you and your business any further. A simple, consistent SEO budget will ensure you are up to play with Google’s latest search criteria algorithm and make sure you are on the front page of any related goods or services search.

Integrate your online

All your online profile channels (i.e LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook & website) should be connected to make a small business more visible – this will help your business achieve higher placement in  search rankings i.e the first page. The website needs to have integrated share buttons and social media profiles should also link back to the business website, creating you new leads, visibility and again, higher search ranking. An integrated online presence can support SEO for better results.

Quality Content = Positive SEO

Quality content that is relevant and meaningful to your target market will have them returning for more and will optimise your search rankings. Discuss and debate key issues surrounding your business area, focus on what is likely to be top of mind for your customer. What are they interested in? What do they need? Be personable and authentic. If you do, your website will rank at the top of search results because it’s the most relevant and helpful website, not because you temporarily manipulated the system with placed keywords.

Less is more

More isn’t necessarily better. Don’t write content for content’s sake – or just anything for no reason. Content fatigue is real and you will lose the interest of those you are trying to engage if you barrage them with too much irrelevant communication or meaningless copy.

Be effective

To engage and interest your target audience, content needs to achieve something and not just be about sharing info or insights. It pays to link into your overall brand or business objective, and the key messages you want to communicate, and keep these in mind when developing content. Make sure content has one THINK and one DO. It must encourage the reader to 1. Think about one thing in a new way, and 2. Encourage them to do something new. The ‘Do” is the ‘call to action’ and don’t necessarily leave it to the end to ask for action i.e. click here to hear more about x, or receive an exclusive discount by signing up here.

Relevant Content & Keywords

Don’t write content with just SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in mind, keep repetitive key words away from the main purpose of the content you are writing, as it will take away its authenticity. Write naturally, with purpose around your topic, and your keywords will come through. Make sure your business goals are aligned with those of your target customers, and your content will align with those words they are using in search engines.  It will pay however, to check the relevancy of the content you generate.

In summary

Relevant, helpful and meaningful content will increase your digital reach; engage more of your desired target customers, increase inbound traffic to your website and ultimately increase your brand awareness and sales leads. A well organised search engine optimisation budget handled through a consultant will help you generate new customers.

If, as a business owner, developing engaging content and entering the world of Digital Marketing feels too hard, a good Marketing Consultant that is briefed on your brand/product or service will easily be able to take your insights and ‘voice’ to write content for you, within a comprehensive Digital Marketing Action Plan.