Your growth journey starts with YOU

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Alright business owners, let’s get deep and meaningful. Do you believe that right now, knowing what you know and doing what you do, that your business is on a journey to be a 6 figure revenue generating company?

Often the first deal-breaker for growing a successful business is…YOU. Yup. Often business owners get in the way of their own success. Sounds crazy, but not untrue. The belief that you can succeed and grow your business is integral to ACTUALLY growing your business.

As a business owner…

  • Do you, at times, suffer from imposter syndrome: a belief that you can’t succeed?
  • Are you sometimes unsure if you have the right solution for your target market?
  • Do you even have a firm grasp on who your target market is?
  • What about your competitors, do you know how they’re different, better or worse than your business?

Of course, it’s more than just a mindset. It’s actions and marketing smarts too; having a plan, being accountable, and tackling issues that get in your way. We know it can sometimes be difficult to create the plan, stick to it, or understand what the issues are. But not taking the time to understand this?

That’s a deal-breaker

These issues are very common with business owners, and they’re very understandable. It’s something that our clients are often faced with.

That’s why we’ve devised the official Deal-breaker checklist for business owners.

A free checklist for you to download, which is the perfect tool for business growth and success.

Yes, give me the Deal-breakers checklist for business owners!

What’s included?

  • A 10 minute info-share from Rosina Webb, Founder and Brand Director at Energise and SME School
  • A downloadable checklist for you to print out and utilise within your business growth plan
  • Pragmatic tasks to complete that help to define your business ‘why’, your target market, and your unique selling points
  • By downloading this checklist you will gain access to resources and a network of like-minded women like you

3 Deal-breakers to growing your business | SME School

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