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It takes a lot of hard work and networking to grow your email marketing database.  So once you have managed to get a client or prospect to opt in to your database it’s important to ensure that the experience they have is positive, so that they stay with you.

With that in mind here is a summary of some simple ways to keep your audience engaged:

Welcome Email

As with any new introduction a warm welcome is always appreciated.  Email your new database member with a friendly email thanking them for signing up.  If you have used a promise of a free download, offer or gift in order to get them to sign up, make sure that you follow through with that by not only acknowledging it…but delivering on it.

Don’t make false promises

Clearly define in your subject line, what the email is about and then deliver on that subject.  Don’t try to lure your audience in with promises of offers or information that isn’t actually forthcoming in your email as it will only lead them to get frustrated and possibly unsubscribing from your database.

Relationship building

Email campaigns are not just a one-way communication street.  They are also a useful and effective way to drive traffic back to your website, to your blogs (where they can comment) or even to links about relevant events that you may be holding that may be of interest to them.  You could even send out a survey to ascertain their thoughts on your products or services, or gauge their opinions on what is of interest to them or what they’d like to see in the market.  In general people like to voice their opinion, and time permitting, will often respond to an opportunity to comment.

Following up

Again, it’s important to follow up where appropriate.  Perhaps this could mean splitting the information you want to convey into pieces and sending it out piece by piece to them.   Perhaps it’s a follow up to an offer or event you have put to them previously to remind them that it’s time bound.

Unsubscribe opportunity

By law you need to offer your audience a chance to unsubscribe from your database.  Sending emails to people who do not wish to receive them is called ‘spamming.’  Although it’s not ideal to lose anyone, you will do more damage to your brand by continually contacting someone who does not wish to be contacted.  Therefore it’s also important to take the time to understand your client/prospect.  If you email them too often it may be off-putting particularly if they are busy, and you will end up losing them.  Find the balance of not too often, not too little.

Customer value

Think about your emails from your audience’s perspective.  What’s in it for them – why should they read it?  Why should they respond with their opinions?  Why should they attend your event.  Whatever your content, ensure it is targeted correctly to the people you are emailing.  Every so often include a drawcard of a product sample, or offer so that they feel connected and appreciated.

If you can get the balance right your email database can provide a direct link to what your customers are thinking about your products or services and your brand.  Nurture that relationship and they can become your biggest advocates in the marketplace.

NB:  This article was published in the EMA “BusinessPlus” magazine.  Enterprises of all types and sizes join the Employers and Manufacturers Association, for opportunities to learn and grow, make valuable business connections and change the world.  EMA provides its members with professional advice and training to succeed in many aspects of business.

EMA “BusinessPlus” magazine Feb 2017 | Energise Marketing Agency