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I always say that your brand is one of your business’s most important assets.  A big part of building a successful, well-loved brand is fostering trust with your customers. 

With 2020 bringing so much uncertainty, brand trust is now more important than ever.  Having a brand your customers know and love will go a long way towards your business’s ability to weather the Covid-19 storm.

What is brand trust?

Trust is one of those tricky, intangible qualities and it’s often hard to pinpoint what makes someone or something trustworthy. 

For customers to trust your brand, they need to know they’re making the right choice by choosing you.  Your business can build up brand trust by demonstrating your reliability, integrity and strength of character in all interactions with the customer. 

Why is brand trust so important?

Price and quality are important considerations for customers.  But an outstanding experience and delivering on that experience again and again is one of the top factors that affect purchasing decisions.  A recent survey by Edelman (a global communications firm) found that brand trust is the second most important factor when making a purchase – second only to price.

The ultimate goal when building brand trust is turning customers into loyal advocates who not only keep coming back, but also recommend your products and services to others.

How can I build brand trust with my customers?

Right now, consumers want reassurance and comfort.  They’ll automatically turn to brands they know they won’t let them down.  There are several easy ways for you to lay the foundations for loyal, trusting customer relationships.

  1. Maintain the best possible service standards

Alert levels can change overnight, so you need to adapt, step up and over deliver.  All background work that goes into your product or service counts for nothing if you can’t deliver what you promised.  A little something extra also goes a long way.  This could be a bonus sample, surprise gift or a voucher towards the next purchase.

  1. Be kind

Be more flexible than usual. Extend returns periods, offer refunds, waive cancellation or rebooking fees.  Being easy to deal with and providing positive outcomes will leave a lasting impression.

  1. Look after your staff

They’re the public face of your business and the ones who deliver a top quality customer experience.  Happy employees can be your best advocates and are often the difference between a satisfied and disgruntled client.

  1. Give back when you can

Giving back to the community is a great way to win over customers and establishing good will.  However, make sure your cause is a natural fit for your business – consumers are more cynical these days and will see through attempts to blatantly buy good will.

Have you tried any of these ways to build brand trust?


NB: This article was published in the EMA “BusinessPlus” magazine. Enterprises of all types and sizes join the Employers and Manufacturers Association, for opportunities to learn and grow, make valuable business connections and change the world. EMA provides its members with professional advice and training to succeed in many aspects of business.