NEO Consulting



Neo Consulting (formerly Ergo) is an Auckland based electrical engineering consultancy. Energise was engaged to rebrand their business, including a new name, supporting the brand identity and developing and implementing a values alignment and leadership programme.  It was critical that the programme be easily understood and adopted by employees, produce financial benefits to Neo and have long term traction with the Neo team.

As part of the rebrand, Neo then asked Energise to develop and launch a new company website.  The website needed to be in line with the new brand identity and reflect the values that define Neo’s culture.


  • Brand name development
  • Brand identity development
  • Assessing current values integration
  • Values workshop with Senior Management Team
  • Values workshop with Project Managers and Team Leaders
  • Staff Values reveal event
  • Design and build a new website with values incorporated
  • Write new copy for the site
  • Review SEO to improve site performance


  • New brand name, including logo development
  • New brand identity
  • Aligning the company policies, structure and rewards programme with Neo’s values
  • Creating a fun and positive culture and workplace
  • Creating a brand where staff want to work and understand what it means to be a Neo team member
  • Ensuring clients feel like valued partners
  • Aligning of personal behaviour with Neo’s values so their leaders became positive role models and champions
  • Neo website that covers all relevant business information and incorporates values
  • Enhanced SEO to increase organic search rankings

New Logo and Brand Wheel

Neo logo and Brand Values


New Website

Neo Website