Jag Kitchens


Client needs

Jag Kitchens wanted to update their brand to reflect their strong commitment to their community.  They also wanted help raising awareness both locally and Auckland wide, and to increase sales.


The Energise approach

A brand frame-work and thorough market research were conducted to focus on their unique market opportunity. From our research, we developed a digital content marketing plan to set the client up for sustained growth.


What we achieved

After the completion of their digital content marketing plan, Jag Kitchens engaged us as their out-sourced marketing team.  We’ve been working with them for over 4 years to develop and action their yearly plan across digital, communications and brand promotion projects.

As part of our ongoing retainer work, the Energise team work to constantly optimise campaigns and improve results.  2020 was a stand out year for the client with results improving dramatically over the previous year.

Website page views

Increased by 50%

Website visitors

Increased by 62%

Social traffic

Increased by 335%

Paid search traffic

Increased by 10%

Organic search traffic

Increased by 64%


Increased by 12%

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