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Cloudi Journal

“When my ‘head is in the clouds’ I am dreaming, thinking about creative ideas, possibilities and everything in between.”

~ Aimee Eaton, Founder of Cloudi Journal
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Cloudi is a cyber magazine that came to Aimee as she found herself in a constant daze of what the world had to offer, post university. Aimee shares her first steps in the new and exciting world of working, yet she still felt her mind was constantly somewhere else.

Realising she’d been like this her whole life and changing the approach of an outward look of absentminded, it was the complete opposite this was her idea bank that had oodles of concepts, dreams and passion.

This is how Cloudi Journal was born, a creative outlet to share her love for fashion, design, lifestyle, motivation and inspiration. A collective happy place.

What has been your biggest challenge starting your own business as a woman?

I think creative ventures in general are scary. One of the biggest challenges starting was getting past the fear of what people might think, or if people might not ‘get it’. Another big challenge was learning how to make my own website, this took a long time but was something I wanted to learn to do myself & was super rewarding


What have you learnt as a business owner from experiencing this pandemic and lock down?

Lockdown has been a good time to re-align and reflect. I think when everything Is all go it’s easy to forget about your why & lose focus with all the chaos. I also love the creativity that comes with slowing down. I’ve learnt that slowing down to re align even when the world is back to normal is a must. 

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What is your number one must have in your business toolkit to remain ahead of the pack ?

For the kind of work we are doing at cloudi the main thing I like to focus on is authenticity. I think that’s the key and what separates you from anyone doing the same kind of work. Also just trusting your ideas and striping away all doubt.

What’s the best business advice you can give to women in business who are looking at starting their own business?

I think just starting anywhere and making small steps towards your goal for your business everyday, don’t spend too long tossing It up or thinking about it and take action in starting even if its small. 

Are there any women in business or icons that you draw inspiration from?

Definitely. In general I draw a lot of inspiration from overseas fashion in general but there are a few people that inspire me. One is Rosie Huntington Whitely, her business Rose inc. is super inspiring to me I love her direction. Another Cyber Mag I get inspiration from is a small cyber mag called Hobnob Journal, its really authentic & different I feel like I haven’t seen anything like it before it reminds me to stay authentic in my ideas and vision.

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