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Hare & Hunter

“Our philosophy at Hare & Hunter is to provide exceptional services with up market products in a family environment! We want our clients to feel like they can walk in and instantly be relaxed and comfortable.”

~ Nicole Reyns & Brooke Mann, Founders of Hare & Hunter.
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Hare & Hunter is an Auckland based hair salon specialising in services such as Lived in Colour work and Bridal.

Run by two driven business women (and besties) entrepreneurs Nicole Reyns and Brooke Mann, with their ever-growing team behind them!

Nicole & Brooke have an inspiring story of the hard work and sacrifice it took to build this business through a pandemic. We’re excited to hear from the girls themselves as they share an insight into their busy lives, and some sound advice for all our business women out there!

What has been your biggest challenge starting your own business as a woman?

Our biggest challenge starting the business was probably getting the salon built. We both had different ideas and needed that help to combine our ideas to make the salon what it is now! We had a few hiccups with building terminology which had delayed a few things for us. 


   What have you learnt as a business owner from experiencing this pandemic and lock down?

Patience, utilise this time to relax and to further our education. It’s also been a good time to “work on the business” . We spend so much time behind the chair, it’s hard to find the time to work on our marketing and future goals.
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What is your number one must have in your business toolkit to remain ahead of the pack ?

Definitely social media. We use this the most to further our education, to network with stylists from around the world and gain new clients – from brides to colour clients.

What’s the best business advice you can give to women in business who are looking at starting their own business?

Pick a couple of people who have had successful businesses that you trust to ask their advice and actually listen to it. The two people we listen to the most aren’t Hairdressers. One is Brooke’s husband who is a financial planner and the other is Nicole’s father-in-law who was in Construction.

Are there any women in business or icons that you draw inspiration from?

There’s too many to choose from. Nicole admires Valerie Ann for her Lived In Colours and Mary Rector for her business strategies and the way she mentors. Brooke looks up to her fellow Aussie stylists Renya Xidas and Natalie Anne for business and creative inspiration.

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