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Why Kiwi SMEs are choosing outsourced marketing

Ever wondered why more and more Kiwi SMEs are choosing to outsource their marketing efforts instead of maintaining an in-house team? In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, outsourced marketing has emerged as a powerful strategy for SMEs looking to thrive. As a trusted partner in your business journey, we’re here to shed light on this trend and guide you through the benefits of tapping into the expertise of marketing professionals.

1. Focus on Your Core Business

When you outsource your marketing, you free up valuable time and resources to focus on what you do best – running your business. Managing an in-house marketing team can be a significant undertaking, from recruitment to training and ongoing supervision. Outsourcing allows you to redirect your energy where it matters most – growing your business and serving your customers.

2. Talent Effective

Effective marketing requires a diverse skill set, from brand strategy, SEO and content creation to social media management and data analysis. By outsourcing, you gain access to a team of experts with specialised knowledge in these areas. This is what I call “talent effective”. No need to worry about keeping up with the latest marketing trends or investing in continuous training – your outsourced marketing team has you covered.

3. Cost Effective

Running an in-house marketing team can be expensive when you factor in salaries, benefits, software, subscriptions, and office costs. Outsourcing marketing offers cost-efficiency as you only pay for the services you need when you need them. It’s a flexible solution that allows you to scale your marketing efforts up or down according to your business’s needs. Just take a look at this infographic our accountant put together for us – the cost comparison of a full-time in-house marketer versus an outsourced one!

4. Agility and Adaptability

Marketing is fast paced – agility is key. Outsourced marketing teams are well-versed in adapting to changes in the digital landscape, ensuring your strategies remain effective. Whether it’s a new algorithm update or a trending social media platform, your outsourced team is on top of it, helping your business stay competitive.

5. Measurable Results

Effective marketing is all about results. When you outsource your marketing efforts, you gain access to advanced analytics tools that provide clear insights into your campaign performance. You can track key metrics, measure ROI, and make data-driven decisions to optimise your marketing strategies. When you outsource your marketing to Energise, we provide you with a digital marketing report generated with industry-leading software, so you’re never left in the dark on how your marketing efforts are tracking.

6. Fresh Perspective

Sometimes, an external perspective can breathe new life into your business, brand and marketing. Outsourced teams bring fresh ideas, innovative strategies, and a different viewpoint to the table. This can lead to breakthroughs and creative solutions that you might not achieve with an in-house team. We see this all the time during our marketing catch ups with clients – a refreshing brainstorming session not only to sound-board ideas and content, but to tease out new ones, and then ACTION them!

7. Scalability

As your business grows, your marketing needs may change. Outsourced marketing teams like our team at Energise are equipped to scale with your business. They can adjust strategies, add resources, and expand campaigns to accommodate your growth seamlessly.

Outsourcing marketing isn’t just a trend; it’s a smart business move that allows Kiwi SMEs to step up and stand out in a competitive market. By partnering with experienced marketing professionals, you can focus on your core business, tap into expertise, save costs, stay agile, measure results, gain fresh perspectives, and scale your efforts effectively.

Ready to explore the advantages of outsourcing marketing for your organisation? Connect with us or have a look through our marketing services to learn how we can tailor a marketing solution to best suit your business. Your success is our mission!