The Energise Story

With extensive experience in branding, marketing strategy, and digital marketing, Energise has the solutions to all of your marketing problems.

What is Energise?


Energise is a marketing agency with expertise and experience covering the full spectrum of marketing activity. We’re here to help with all of your marketing needs

Whether you’re starting out or stepping up, Energise has the skills, pragmatism and know-how to ensure you grow, compete and achieve.


Why Energise?

Energise is your partner to marketing success. We help small to medium sized Kiwi businesses achieve their goals by offering a one stop shop marketing solution:

  • We analyse your market and competitive landscape. These insights are then fed into pragmatic brand strategies.
  • We work with you to plan and to set goals – resulting in an actionable and measurable marketing plan.
  • Our skilled team can also take care of implementation and support for your plans.
  • To ensure you stay motivated and achieve success, we keep you on track with regular accountability sessions.

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The Driving Force Behind Energise

As Founder and Marketing Director, Rosina Webb epitomises the Energise spirit.  She is the driving force that inspires individuals, teams and businesses to grow, compete and achieve.

After an outstanding career in the corporate world, Rosina started Energise to maximise her skills while working directly with other passionate, like-minded NZ business people.

In addition to her work at Energise, Rosina shares her expertise in the power of marketing as a:

  • Teacher and facilitator at the NZ Marketing Association
  • Mentor to young students and marketers at the University of Auckland
  • Contributor of regular articles in the EMA magazine: BusinessPlus
  • Chief judge at the NZ Marketing Awards
  • Deputy Chairperson for the NZ Marketing Association
  • Speaker at conferences and industry events

Who We Are

At Energise, Rosina has put together a talented team of marketers.  They are known for delivering the right mix of understanding, common sense, creativity and resourcefulness, backed up by relevant qualifications and real world experience.

Rosina Webb

Founder and Managing Director

Rosina epitomises Energise. She’s the driving force that inspires individuals business grow...
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Lisa Harrison

Marketing Manager

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Catrina Kuehler

Head of Digital

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Justine Chang

Content & Administration Manager

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Hailey Rodger

Digital Specialist

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Ashton Hoffman

Digital Specialist

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