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Client Needs

Neo engaged us to develop their brand and brand identity, and implement a values alignment and leadership programme.  The programme needed to be easy for employees to understand and adopt, produce financial benefits, and have long term traction.

Neo also asked Energise to develop a new website that supported their new brand identity and values.  This included copywriting and an SEO review to improve performance.

The Energise approach

We led the Neo team through a series of strategic workshops with key internal and external stakeholders.  As a result of these sessions, we distilled the core values of both the leadership team and the wider organisation.  These values provided the foundation for the new brand identity internal programmes.

What we achieved

Energise’s work in establishing a culture and brand that staff want to work for was highly effective.  According to Nigel Stevenson, Director of Neo:



The new Neo website with enhanced SEO was launched on time and on budget.

New Logo and Brand Wheel

New Website